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Hudsonville, MI

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Hi, my name is Paula York and I’m from West Michigan, near the shore of Lake Michigan.

My passion for dahlias began around five years ago, when I purchased my first dahlias in pots at a local garden center.

Since then, I’ve done a lot of research on growing dahlias successfully. I began by buying non-imported tubers from various quality farms over the last several years. My collection has grown to the point where I have about 50-75 quality tubers growing in five gallon containers on my outside patio.

Lakeshore Dahlias LLC began on July 25 of 2022 with the mission to provide the best quality tubers possible with excellent customer service.

Paula York

Owner, Lakeshore Dahlias LLC


Dahlia Name Type
Sweet Nathalie $13.00
Southern Belle $11.00
Maki $14.00
Labyrinth $17.00
Islander $13.00
Fleurel $12.00
Who Me? $15.00
Café Au Lait $14.00
Pink Pearl $14.00
Apple Blossom $16.00
Coralie $14.00
Hy Patti $15.00
Kelvin Floodlight $14.00
Emory Paul $12.00
Dazzling Sun $16.00
Shiloh Noelle $15.00


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